BTR 160 Kandevprofiil

BTR 160 Kandevprofiil

Mudel: Kandevprofiil BTR 160


Name Structural box profile sheet
Steel grade S320GD
Sheet thickness [mm] 0,75 / 0,88 / 1,00 / 1,25 / 1,50*
Coat SP poliester 15 µm
Max. sheet length [mm] 15000
Special finish special DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating**

 *Applies to the BTR153 and BTR160 box profile sheets

**The special DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating prevents drips from condensation. The sheet metal with the DR!PSTOP system on the inside has an additional layer which holds the condensate for removal by a ventilation system beneath the sheet metal cladding. The DR!PSTOP anti-condensation coating can absorb over 900 g of water per square metre Other advantages include: Water-washable High anti-bacterial resistance High fire resistance: Class A2-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) Enhanced anti-corrosion protection Noise comfort (dampens the sound of rainfall, and mechanical noises inside the building)